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Change of season, change of wardrobe

10 Sep

With the change in season fast approaching, you may be turning your thoughts to a change in wardrobe.  Packing away the Summer clothes can seem traumatic, especially if you don’t feel like there’s been much of a Summer.


And therein lies a dilemma… At what point do you decide that the Summer season has ended and Autumn has begun?  Do you go by temperature? The official start of the new season? The fact that X factor is on the teli?


You may even have some clothes that could ‘transition’ from one season to the other…


So many decisions! 


Here at Bravo London, we like to make life simple for you.


In the initial design consultation, we talk to you about your personal wardrobe needs and what’s important to you. We consider not just the size of your bedroom, but also the amount of clothes you have… or want to have!


With a bit of forward planning we can design a bespoke wardrobe around your needs and wants. We can help you ditch the end of season panic by providing the wardrobe space to house all your outfits in one place.


Well, no-one knows if the Indian Summer they keep promising us will actually materialise this year, right?